moderated Site updates #changelog


Changes to the site this week:

  • CHANGE: Don't set a user's name from email if the subscription has a name already set.
  • CHANGE: In the direct add page for a group with subgroups, sort the subgroups alphabetically.
  • BUGFIX: Fix for brackets in subject lines screwing up full digests and summaries.
  • BUGFIX: If 2 factor is enabled, do not allow the user to delete their password.
  • CHANGE: Don't strip CC headers if present in the original message.
  • NEW: Fig Leaf group setting to disable fig leafing.
  • INTERNAL: Centralized all logs, on a big disk, to be able to reference more than a day's worth.
  • CHANGE: Improved information display after sending a login link; contains info about the subject line and sender.
  • CHANGE: Smarter about when to make a member clickable in the Members page based on moderator privileges.
  • CHANGE: Added text to moderator privileges part of member page, explaining more of what access is granted with each one.
  • CHANGE: When viewing a table, you can now click anywhere on a row to bring up the row itself.
  • CHANGE: Added anchors to the FAQs on the Pricing page.
  • CHANGE: Prevent known bots from submitting an email a login link request.
  • NEW: Automatically strip out common email sigs like "Sent from my iPhone".
  • INTERNAL: Sped up the overall topics view.
  • NEW: Added J's Member Notices help text to the help section.
  • BUGFIX: When creating a repeating event with an RSVP, the RSVP note was not included in the message sent to the group.
  • CHANGE: Changed the Yahoo crawling code to retry all fetches of messages, files and photos, and to report errors in group transfers.
  • INTERNAL: Changed the database queries to make jumping to a specific month in the archives more efficient.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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