moderated Re: Update on Y! Groups transfers

Bob Bellizzi

I just checked the app against another inactive group we have at Yahoo where I'm a moderator and it works fine
The other day I checked it against a group I'm simply a member of and it returns a some emails with @ and full domain, others only have the  account info without the @ and domain.
However, someone who is not a moderator or owner but who has compiled a large number of email messages from the group and had a modicum of basic text processing, like Perl, could easily associate the account name with the appropriate email address, substituting the email address for the truncated email address, genera ting a fully populated members' list.
A second pass to remove bounced, etc names would clean up the list which could be direct subscribed to a group.


Bob Bellizzi

Founder, Fuchs Friends ®
Founder & Executive Director, The Corneal Dystrophy Foundation

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