moderated Re: Update on Y! Groups transfers

Carol Shenkenberger <cshenk1@...>

On Sun, Jan 28, 2018 at 12:09 am, Marv Waschke wrote:
 I am suggesting a defined option to transfer member lists only if transferring archives is not possible. I'm not prepared to figure out how to word it.
Hi Marv, I'd like to expand on that.  It would be nifty if we had some sort of online 'transfer' setup where we could select what to transfer.  I think that would be easier on the folks.

For example: 

1) I have a small Freecycle group requested to transfer (something isn't right but I'll as later what's wrong).  Like many here, I'm not really a cookie-cutter 'one size fits all'.  I don't need any links transferred or pictures in that one.  I'd be perfectly happy to select to transfer archives of only the past year (assume 365 days).  That and the membership (which has a lot of TrashNothing accounts which we already know won't work so the could filter them out). No files need be transferred.

2) I have a fairly large Freecycle group. (this one not in transfer process, testing with smaller group first).  Honestly, I'd talk with my co-owner there if we needed any posts more than 6 months old.  The nature of the group is that those were only used to determine if a person was ready to come off moderation.  No pictures need be transferred.  No links need be transferred.  I'd look at the files but probably the few needed can be easily recreated. Member list critical and testing the waters on what to do with all the TrashNothing accounts with group 1 above.

3) A chat group.  Archived messages, Links and Files critical.  No TrashNothing users to deal with.  Pictures not critical.

4) A recipe related group on bread making.  Surprise, archives not critical (last year probably would do easily).  Files, user list and Pictures Critical.  Links need not be transferred. 

5) A recipe related group (all sorts). Archives critical (everything you can get) and member list critical.  No links, files or pictures need transfer.  Understood that the pictures embedded in messages won't transfer.  Ability to add them to new messages may be an issue but i can already think of alternatives around that at need.

None of *my* groups need a DB or Calendar moved over.  I suspect it would be easier if I knew how to tell them that.

I perceive inability to express this per group slows the process down and causes excess work at the end.  On the other side, Yahoo may have them in and 'all or nothing' situation.  I don't know as too new at this.


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