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Marv Waschke

Several scatter gun replies.
I downloaded the member list to PG Offline, but I could not find the member options in the download, such as "no email", which are key to a smooth transition. Maybe they are there, but I could not find them. I scanned the hex in the downloaded data, but I didn't look very hard. Irrelevant now since we are fully transferred.
I realize that transferring archives later would generate some confusion, but I could tolerate some confusion in the face of a group condemned to a collapsing Y! Groups.
I am suggesting a defined option to transfer member lists only if transferring archives is not possible. I'm not prepared to figure out how to word it.
When a member is subscribed to a group, there is information about the member's activities that a hacker could use to target phishing, for one example. Y! is a great technical edifice, but there are smart hackers who might be able to figure out a way to access that information. By unsubscribing, a person puts another barrier in front of the hacker. Granted, criminals might have to work hard to use the information, but I'd rather not give them the opportunity. My philosophy of personal cybersecurity is to reduce the opportunities for criminals to access my information, that Is to restrict my attack surface. A dormant account on a sagging service is an opportunity for a hacker that has no value to me. Therefore, I close the account. One more grain of sand that will never get into my eye.
Not a big deal, but when all the little deals are summed up, they might become a big deal.
Best, Marv

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> ... consider a transfer-lite option that only transfers membership > lists.

I think Mark could do that for you if you request it in the "Go" message you send to the transfer agent. But I think that Mark is also right to assume that most groups would prefer to copy over as much of their content as practical.

Are you suggesting adding some additional wording in the instructions for Step 2 to make that option clearer? Or something else?

In Step 3 (arguably too late) the instructions do say:
"In addition to your member list, we will download your existing group
messages and add them to your group. Unfortunately, we are
not able to include any attachments from the messages. If you do not
wish to have your existing group messages transferred, simply say so in
your email to"

> ... I would have been perfectly happy if only the membership list with > options made the jump. We could wait for the archive until the dust > settled some.

A problem with deferring the copy of messages is that the copied messages are assigned message numbers as they copy over. Which means they would be mingled with new messages if your group members were actively posting before or during the copy. Granted that's better than not getting the archive at all, but I think a lot of groups would find that very confusing.

> I grabbed 17+ years of messages with PG Offline in a torturous 24-hour > ordeal over the weekend, just in case. ... but the membership list is > a jewel of great price.

Then you also have (or could have) the the membership list in PG Offline's database, exportable as CSV I think. From that it would be relatively simple to copy/paste the list into's Direct Add feature (assuming you bump to a premium group, which you can do for one month only).

> In the meantime, our membership is pleased, and we are laying out > plans to unsubscribe everyone from our Y! Group. No sense in adding to > the attack surface with dormant accounts on a sagging platform.

You can't remove people's Yahoo accounts, only their membership in your particular group(s). What form of "attack" are you concerned with?

If it is spamming, you can set the group's sections so that only moderators can "Edit" (includes posting new content). Then I suggest not bothering to remove the memberships, just leave the group there as a standing archive of itself.


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