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Marv Waschke

Mark— I mentioned this once before, but I'll repeat it. If Y! Grps begins to really fall apart, consider a transfer-lite option that only transfers membership lists. Our group transferred successfully on Monday (Thank you!) but I would have been perfectly happy if only the membership list with options made the jump. We could wait for the archive until the dust settled some. I grabbed 17+ years of messages with PG Offline in a torturous 24-hour ordeal over the weekend, just in case. We could have reconstituted the archives from there. At least for our group, the archive is valuable, but the membership list is a jewel of great price.

In the meantime, our membership is pleased, and we are laying out plans to unsubscribe everyone from our Y! Group. No sense in adding to the attack surface with dormant accounts on a sagging platform.

Best, Marv Waschke



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Agree with all comments. It's amazing here.


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I agree. I didn't transfer anything, well, mostly by hand from my last provider, but I have to say tat you are doing a good job and thanks for the updates.


Take care and be blessed, and have a happy Saturday

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Hi, Mark -
I'm sure I speak for not only myself but many others who have or are trying to transfer to I understand from my own experiences that this takes more time than most might imagine, too often caused by Yahoo's problems. At the same time, we are so grateful to have this place to move to that works the way groups *should* work. Please know that your efforts are greatly and truly appreciated. In my own case, I think this move may actually have re-invigorated my big group which has suddenly filled with chatter after a relatively quiet year.


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Hi All,

I was able to complete a lot of Yahoo Groups transfers this week. There were still issues of some missing files and photos, and the invite system throws up errors every once in awhile. But it was manageable.

Unfortunately, this morning, it appears there's a sporadic issue with Y! Groups' archives. Some of the time when I request a specific message, Yahoo will return an internal error message. Which means we end up with only partial archives. I've halted all transfers for now until this hopefully clears up (there are currently around 30 groups in the queue to be transferred).

(The group transfer process is unfortunately not fully automated. I have to respond to each invite, because of the captcha. And I need to oversee the crawling of the groups and the checks for space.)






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