moderated Email link to log in


When a member uses the link requesting an email to log in, all they are told

"An email has been sent to you with a link to log into your account."

Since there is only a 60 minute timescale in which to respond to this and many
people will not normally see such an email until much later, could the wording
the expanded please to warn them of the time limit?

When I raised this on GMF, Shal agreed with this suggestion, and also suggested
(copy/pasted from his message):

"In fact, the page is rather blank. Maybe it should cite the Subject
line, and To & From addresses of the sent message to help the member
identify it. And suggest that the member check their Spam folder if it
is not in their Inbox. It could even suggest white-listing the From address."

I also agree with all of that. It all sounds very simple to implement and could
be very helpful.

Jim Fisher

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