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Or, even simpler, a shared Google sheet - which has loads of Excel's functions and is free - with a link in your Wiki area.

On 21/01/18 15:09, Toby Kraft wrote:
Perhaps this would be more to your liking ->
Put a link to your shared sheet on a wiki page in

On Sun, Jan 21, 2018 at 8:50 AM, Linda Standart via Groups.Io <standartlinda@...> wrote:

I guess it's  a matter of 'you can't please everyone'.
Being able to insert a row, or even a column just as you can in EXCEL, would be a huge help. Not all of us use databases for the same purposes. I'm not sure I understand why being able to insert a row would be a huge problem for anyone. It's not something you have to do unless you have a specific need
Re-sorting the rows just doesn't  meet the needs in my group's situation
I am also a member of Jean's group and i know that sorting for many of the databases there would not  be of much help. 

As it is, for the affected databases I have to create whole new ones to meet the purpose 
If it were possible to share an EXCEL database within the group I would do that rather than deal with the problems in our current set up. Inserting rows and columns without an effect on the actual data is really easy
 I'm glad that the current set-up meets your needs. Thanks for your input. 

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