moderated Re: problem with html with incredimail please help

Tim J <secretary@...>

Hi Anita,

This is your 12th post in a couple of days, and it's going to other users, not a support desk, so there are only a few volunteers providing any help.  I'm just a brand new group member, like you.

Are you paying for, or are you on the free version.  If the latter, I'm not sure you can expect the Rolls Royce service you seem to want.  If the former, you need to be posting these elsewhere, I think, on the beta site.

To try and be helpful, have you asked incredimail?  Cut the rest of us some slack, please.


On 16/01/18 16:18, atinalee@... via Groups.Io wrote:
I am having a big problem and have not gotten any help yet. My group likes to send stationary html with incredimail. It is coming out distorted.
The side borders are appearing like 4 or more borders and you cant read the message. I really want to make iogroups work for my group but can't if this won't be resolved. I would like an aswer. No one is helping me here.



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