moderated Gmail attachment links #suggestion


I just heard from a group member who uses Gmail to receive/read messages.

The complain was that all attachments arrive with a filename of '0'.

Upon investigation, we discovered that the emails come in not an attachment, but rather a link to the attachment, something like:
whereas that same message in 'normal' email clients comes through WITH the file actually attached.

So, the problem is that the file NAME is not being used in the "attachment link" in messages to Gmail, instead the attachment 'index' is being used as the name.

I tried searching for posts about this issue but couldn't find any, and I tried search settings to see if there was a setting about this but didn't find that either.

Any ideas? Anyway to get a "real filename" included in the link for emails going to Gmail? Or is this NOT a Gmail/ issues, but something else instead?

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