moderated Re: Cases of email address spoofing?



> I doubt this is the same, but sometimes I use a vpn toroute my traffic
> somewhare else. ... Would that get me into trouble?

I don't think so. At least, not solely due to the VPN.

For posting messages here the only thing that would be required (if Mark
adopts my suggested filtering) would be that you send messages from the
email service matching your email From address. That is, if your group
messages are From yourname @ then you must send the message
from an account at A message arriving "From" your address
but actually delivered by some other service would be a "spoof".
That sounds as if it might give me a problem. My email address domain is That is not where my messages are sent from, but is my own
domain name and through which I receive messages. My outgoing messages are sent
directly via my ISP (Talktalk), which is not where my domain name is registered
and located. I've been working that way since 1996 with no problems so far! I'm
sure I'm not the only one to use that sort of system.

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