moderated find member activity by clicking on member link in post #suggestion


For a long time I've struggled with the fact that clicking on a member's link in the attribution to a recent post of theirs takes you only to their profile, not to their activity page. To get to their member page, you have to either do a search on the member list, or, what I've been doing, go to the group activity log, find "xyz sent message bla bla," and click on xyz there.

I have rarely (maybe 1 time in 1,000?) wanted to go to the member's profile. I almost exclusively want to see their activity and their page as a whole.

It would be infinitely convenient if moderators clicking on a member attribution could be taken directly to the member's page instead of their profile. I understand there needs (although seldom in my case) to be a way to get to the profile, but it seems that could be worked out some other way. The priority is currently skewed towards seeing the profile, which rarely (in my group, at least) contains useful information, or at least, the information that I'd want to see about a member.


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