moderated REQUEST: the ability to SKIP an instance of a repeating calendar event


Our club has a monthly meeting, the first Monday of every month. We can set up a repeating monthly reminder for this just fine. The problem is that occasionally the first Monday of the month falls on a MAJOR holiday (such as 4th of July, Labor Day, Christmas, New Year's, etc), in which case we usually push that meeting back to the second Monday. So, it would be VERY nice to have the ability to easily SKIP (via a manual tweak, checkbox, whatever) a single instance of a repeating calendar event, without having to destroy the entire event, set up a one-time event, then recreate the repeating event starting the following month. That way, we could skip the first-Monday event, then just set up a one-time reminder for the second Monday.


(I suppose an alternative method would be to provide a one-time-reschedule functionality, but the skip seems simpler for you to implement.)

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