locked Re: Reply to group/sender & user names


On 1/30/2015 4:57 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:

Reply to group vs reply to sender looks like it's currently only
available as a default setting for the group. Can we have it
available as a choice for individual emails, both via the group site
and also via email? Is that possible to do?

It's not currently available. I don't know how that'd work via email.
Going through a *lot* of back mail, and testing every list that
I can find, from email, apparently if the "Reply To" field is
set to go to the poster (which means "Reply" goes to the poster,
not the list), then "Reply All" will include the list if the
list is the "To" field.

This is a ygroup - but I checked other ygroups, and none of
them got more than the list with Reply All.

I do also know that if the poster has set their outgoing
message with "Reply To" filled in, on some lists (LSoft
for sure, and I think Lyris and MailMan) when you set up
the list, you can choose to have all replies go to the
list (override any Reply-To value sent in), always to
the poster (add a Reply-To value of the From value in
all cases), or only insert a Reply-to if the poster has
not set one.

At any rate - if you try inserting a "Reply-To" value in
the headers of messages (as they come in, I suspect) I
think email clients will choose that for Reply, and that
plus 'To' plus 'CC' for Reply All.

I *thought* I remembered a list where Reply went to the
list, but Reply All included the From or Sender. I'm
not finding that in the messages in my inbox at the moment,

Hope this makes sense - not much sleep last night.


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