moderated Re: Changes to /leave email link


Thanks, Shal. I'm only interested in the e-mail option, so I'm glad to hear Mark will not be making any changes to it. Thank you, Mark.

The verification e-mail requirement is no different to how it worked (maybe still does) with yahoo!groups, and I had few problems with that over the years. Andre made a valid point about blind members. I have a few blind members on my groups and we do endeavour to help them as and when necessary, as I'm sure Mark does too.



Shal wrote

As Mark pointed out this morning there is already the email +unsubscribe command, and it is not going away. Having the footer unsubscribe link be a mailto: using that command would eliminate this whole web-based mechanism under discussion.

A weakness of the +unsubscribe mechanism as implemented is that members tend to think it is "send-and-done" but it is not. The +unsubscribe command sends back a verification email, and the member must receive that email and reply to it to complete their unsubscription. If the member doesn't see the verification message then the unsubscribe attempt fails.

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