moderated Re: Extra Storage for Sale? #suggestion

Ginny T.

I'd go for that, especially a nominal annual fee for small increments. Something more in the realm of $10 to $50 per year for as much storage as that can reasonably pay for.
This is exactly what I was thinking of. And I do realize that folks are more interested in features and the need for them, but as features increase so does use, and then so does storage need (many times). 
Making a la cart storage purchase available could perhaps help off set some development cost. I think my point is made that many basic group owners can’t afford  premium subscription but we’d also be happy to have a small “surcharge” so as to speak factored in to purchasing a chunk of storage that would go towards R&D. While we may not need all of the extra features of advanced subscriptions, we certainly DO appreciate the robustness of the basic plan & would like to support it.

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