locked Re: New Subscription Options



The symbols that appeared at the bottom of your post formed the
letters KKT in Morse.
I don't know if that choice of characters had anything to do with Morse code or not, but something similar[1] has long been used in Yahoo Groups' outbound messages as a delimiter for the footer material in HTML formatted messages. They are styled as white text on white so that they are not normally seen.

They provide something that can be automatically detected and trimmed on inbound messages; so that when members reply with full untrimmed quotes the footers don't stack up. Apparently Groups.io uses them too, which is probably no big surprise. In plain text messages Groups.io has a pair of rows of hypens and equal signs, probably put to the same purpose.

The only mystery might be how they came to be visible in someone's post. That may have to do with a conversion between HTML and plain text somewhere.

-- Shal
[1] In Yahoo Groups the lead-in and lead-out sequences have dot and comma exchanged:
.... footer ...

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