moderated Re: Group Guidelines notice #suggestion



I like almost all these suggestions and will add them. The one I
personally don't like is the idea that the guidelines message should
be sent to the group itself, and therefore appear in the archives. I
don't like notification messages appearing in the archives and this
feels like a notification message ...
I concur with Duane and J. It is a notification when sent to a specific member, or sent to a member on joining, but I think not when it is posted monthly -- then it serves as a reminder.

Posting it to the group itself aids web-reading members by exposing it not only in the group's Messages pages, but also in the compendium of topics in the members' Your Groups page.

... I feel like the archives should just contain group discussions. Am
I wrong in feeling this way?
If not wrong then at least conflicted, there is the other example of Event reminders.

Granted those may be more likely to serve as a prompt for a discussion (birthday wishes and memories as replies to a birthday announcement is common in my classmate groups), whereas in many groups a discussion of the Guidelines might be considered off topic. Still, some groups might welcome discussion in reply to a Guidelines post. For example, in my classmate groups I don't plan to prevent it -- we're pretty informal and open-topic in our discussions.


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