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Cacky B

I'm on verizon.net, and have had a large number of group messages put into the spam folder by verizon.  I have carefully checked it every day, marked them as "Not Spam", and also listed the domain as as safe in my own account settings.  Yesterday, when I tried to respond to a message for the first time, verizon refused to send it, marking it as spam.  I followed their instructions for that occurrence, sent the message to "spamdetector.update@...", explaining what the domain represented and the purpose of the beta group.  Within about 40 minutes I was able to send the message without a problem.

Hopefully, verizon has white listed the domain.


On 10/22/2014 5:54 PM, Mark Fletcher wrote:
On Wed, Oct 22, 2014 at 1:05 PM, CGrlgsby via GROUPS.IO <user+250@groups.io> wrote:
I am not sure if this has been addressed here but as a new subscriber the welcome message copied below which I received from groups.io was sent directly to my AOL webmail spam folder. I do not have any special filters setup on my end so perhaps AOL considered it spam due to the message containing many URL's ? Stranger things have happened, yeah I know it's AOL but their email has always worked predictably more often than not since the early 90s which is more than I can say for Yahoo's products.

Hmm. I haven't heard of any other reports. We're set up to receive notification if anyone with an aol.com email address marks one of our emails as spam, and we haven't received any of those notifications. Perhaps it's an issue with us sending the email as text/html but it not containing any HTML. I'll look into it.

I hope the groups.io effort succeeds, I have managed groups on Y! since the OneList/eGroups days of the late 90s and am very unhappy with the 'new and improved' Y! groups and Y!mail. Your way of public beta testing is the way Y! should have handled their sweeping changes, not having thrust them upon unsuspecting group 'owners' and their members.



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