moderated Is there any way to get a member's e-mail address . . .

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

. . . via the web interface when you're not a moderator and it's been fig-leafed in a message?

We have another " messages being blocked" situation with Earthlink.  There is someone in one of the groups I participate in who's sent a message asking for private responses via e-mail at the moment until this issue is resolved.   The problem is that unless I were an e-mail interface participant I cannot see the e-mail address in the message (or otherwise, to my knowledge).

I can't send a private response via since that will come in to his inbox from, and that's being blocked.  I can't retroactively get a message sent to me by e-mail, and really wouldn't want to since I prefer to stick to the web interface.

Does a method exist where one can get a posted e-mail address if one is a web interface user who is not also a moderator for a given group when said address has been included in a message?

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