moderated Re: I'd like to be able to delete the most recent edit

Tony Moody

When editing a previously saved file = original.
Useful functions are :
Delete   means delete the whole thing including the original. As in Gone-Gone
Revert  means undo all edits since opening the file. ie Revert to original.  = Start again
Undo  means revert to the version before the last Enter
Redo means undo the last undo.



On 6 Oct 2017 at 17:22, JohnF via Groups.Io wrote about :
Subject : Re: [beta] I'd like to be able to d

> Because Delete usually implies poof, completely gone, we programmers prefer the word "Revert" when going back to a previous version.  Would that be generally understandable?
> Delete This Message
> Revert This Edit
> (And don't show the Revert option if the message hasn't been edited, obviously.)
> JohnF
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