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Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>


          It is long past time to realize that is not all about you and your groups.

          You have had many great ideas, and you have had many idiosyncratic ideas.  It's not all about you, even if you originate the idea for something.  That's why a group like beta exists.  Not everything that you want will be something you get, and you seem to be mightily pissed when others have ideas that differ from your vision of what something should be.

           I also have been around groups online since the 1980s, so I am quite willing to say that I have quite a decent sense of how groups as a whole tend (note tend) to operate.  You can pretend otherwise if you feel like doing so, it won't change the fact that decades of familiarity give someone (and not just me) valuable perspective.

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