moderated Re: "Guidelines" now publicly visible! #suggestion #bug

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

On Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 11:42 pm, Shal Farley wrote:

Why not make them public for public (unrestricted) groups and private
for private (restricted) groups?
Precisely for the reason I stated: in a restricted group I believe the prospective member deserves to know what the rules will be before committing to join the group.

... or make them public iff the group has public archives.
Same answer. I think restricted groups are likely to have private archives.
With which I agree on both counts.

Groups, even private groups, should not ever be "black boxes" for those considering joining.   If you can't publish public guidelines regarding the group then something is terribly wrong.  Even if those guidelines state that additional details will be sent when a member attempts to join but before they'd be approved for membership, to allow them to consider whether they wanted to continue down that road would be enough.

There are a even private groups that have public archives where the idea is to control who can contribute, but not who can read what has been contributed.  There are, of course, others that have private archives, but even those are "members only," as I've never seen archives that are not accessible to private members of a private group.

The use of any online group, be it public or private, is a de facto form of publication, just in cyberspace rather than hard copy.   Once something is published it's published to an audience and the person publishing doesn't get to change their minds or have complete control over it.  It's out there and should remain out there for anyone who was initially granted access to it, in perpetuity.   Just because it isn't on paper does not change the well-understood social contract that goes with publication, even if that publication is for a members-only audience.
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