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Quick update: I've been quiet on beta@ because I've been heads down trying to get the new search stuff completed. All the code is now written, but I have not yet decided how to do the transition. One possibility is taking the site down while I move everything to the new search system. That will probably take 4-5 hours (most of that is moving the archives, which is a bit more than 13M messages at this point). But it is not very risky and is ready to go now. The other possibility is perhaps a bit more risky and would require a bunch more work before I could do it. But it would only require less than an hour of downtime, is work I need to do eventually anyways, and would result in a system where I could make changes to search in the future without any downtime. I'll figure out which way I want to go early next week.

Changes to the site this week:

  • INTERNAL: Did another dump of the archives to the new search cluster.
  • SYSADMIN: Tested upgrade of database to Postgres 9.6.
  • INTERNAL: Completed work on converting system to new search cluster.
  • SYSADMIN: Revamped firewall rules for increased security.
  • INTERNAL: Now caching successful delivery information instead of directly writing it to the database.
  • CHANGE: When viewing an attachment, if there's an error from S3, retry an additional 2 times, for the case where a message was just added and the attachment hasn't had time to propagate to S3 properly.
  • CHANGE: Only permit changes to a group's plan if you are designated the payor.
  • CHANGE: In the Billing page, only show your payment history for the group.
  • SYSADMIN: Changed some Linux memory parameters on the main database machine in an attempt to track down the sporadic slow commit issue.
  • BUGFIX: Send confirmation email/send bounce probe were not working.
  • NEW: For premium/enterprise groups, 'Send Confirmation Email' is replaced with a 'Confirm' button, to confirm the member.
  • NEW: For premium/enterprise groups, when approving a pending subscriber who is also not confirmed, we confirm the member.

Have a good weekend everybody.


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