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Thanks, this is great!

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I haven't figured out a bi-monthly option, but I got one set up for every 2 weeks. I chose Weekly for Repeats, then Repeat Every 2 weeks below that. I had to pick a day of the week just under that. I tried it with and without an End Date and it showed up as expected. If you wanted to make sure it never came out more than twice in a month, you could make it a 3 week repeat. You could also use Daily for Repeats and set it for 15 days, but it would move around depending on the length of the month and could show up 3 times in a long month once in awhile. 16 days would prevent that, but at some point you'd only get one in February for awhile.

Another way would be to set up 2 repeating events, one around the 1st and one around the 15th. You'd have to remember to update both, if needed, though.




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