moderated Attachment (including photo) issues

Jeremy H

Have been testing out/playing around with sending photos and attachments, and have encountered a few issues.

Firstly, on attaching a .odt file (Libre Office Writer) file - I think under the covers this is xml of some type - rather than an icon (as for other file types), a preview was generated, but this was just raw text, and thus garbage, rather than anything meaningful. 

Secondly, when files or pictures (images) are converted to links for sending due to receiving size limits, the link ends /n/n , where the first n is the message number, and the second the attachment number (on that message) - without either the file name or type (although this is displayed as label). Looking at messages with 'in line' attached photos, the photo can be seen, but its url is of the the same style, and there is is no file name visible. While the file can be viewed (in browser) or downloaded, this is with a file name of just the number (and no extension) - not at all useful. (When I see an line image as part of a delivered e-mail, it is downloadable, or viewable, with its correct name, as expected). For an image sent as an attachment, and viewing through the web, I see a thumbnail of the picture (but no name, as with other attachments), as a link to file of the correct name, so downloadable ok.

When I look in Photos, all the photos I've sent can be seen if the 'E-mailed photos' album, all grouped together (without any indication as to message) - including those sent as attachments, which I was not expecting. Looking at them thus, there is a download button, but this causes the (original, full size) image to be displayed (on its own, in browser), whence it can be saved (downloaded), rather than there being a standard download dialogue.

Does this mixture of in-line and attached file photos mean that both are would be subject to image size limitation, if I had that switched on? 

But other files sent as attachments are not visible: does this mean that they do not count to storage limits?

My thoughts/expectations/wishes:

A file preview should not be generated, unless a meaningful one can be; my view is, if in doubt, don't!

Links should always have the correct file name and extension, so that the file can be properly downloaded; and with the name displayed where appropriate.

As regards viewing e-mailed files and photos, if these are to be visible, other than through the messages archive, then both should be treated similarly, either through a separate 'Attachments' tab, or 'attachments' (or similar) folder/album, with images attached as files treated as such. And then it should be easy to match an image or file with its message.


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