moderated Re: Integration of Sub-Groups #suggestion


While I'm on a few forum type sites that are completely interactive between sub-forums, I don't feel they should be compared to groups and subgroups. On a forum site, it's quite normal for everyone to have access to all parts of the site, including sub-forums. On this group site, only the folks that we want to allow as part of a subgroup may use it. Anything that pertains to the entire group will be in the main group. Subgroups are for specialized discussions not intended for the membership as a whole. In most cases, not even intended for sharing between subgroups.

After I left Yahoo groups and before coming to this site, I was on a site where I had to use subgroups. It was an extreme disappointment because of the complexity. Folks were constantly posting and uploading files/photos to the wrong group/subgroup. Because of that, I decided to have totally separate main groups here. No confusion at all.

When signed in, the overview page (, topics page (, and Calendar ( give a nice summary of my membership, including all groups and subgroups. From there, it's a simple matter to click to the exact point that I want to be.


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