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Tony Moody

Yes Noel,
Not quite what you envisage but close enough.

My active group is a village news and info subscription setup, so I doubt very much that there is anything that could be considered copyright. In effect the whole thing belongs to us the villagers and without their contributions the group would not exist: I did start the free manual email list 12 years ago and have built, run and improved the service. The small membership subscriptions pay for the web-site accounts and for the phone, adsl services. I do not charge for my time or effort.  I contribute very little to the copy. I do have people who I can phone for moderation purposes, but it is mostly my baby. For the past year or so the errm trouble makers have drifted away to harrass each other on facebook and whatsup. There is only one rule "Be Nice" .

I have called for formal moderators/policy helpers, and approached a few people; but everyone is so busy !. Or they are luddites. Both valid, so be it.

Another brainstorm kind of thought is that it would be a good idea to have a policy statement in place if owner becomes absent. A sort of Will. This could be in the TOS or privately with or with the Owners executors.


On 25 Aug 2017 at 10:21, Noel Leaver wrote about :
Subject : Re: [beta] Dealing with Terms of Se

> If there are two Owners then it would need both of them to press the red button and kill the

I think that is a good idea, it provides a way a group can be protected against one person deleting it. More generally, all owners should have to agree.

> Or That the remaining Moderators have a vote to put the group on hold, change its name and
keep the archive etc and start again, or to kill the group.

It is likely the group contains material considered copyright by the owner, so they would be able to object to you doing this (and if you are in this situation it seems quite likely they would).



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