moderated Re: Dealing with Terms of Service violations/other complaints

James Milligan

It's worth remembering that not all groups are 'standalone'. The group I'm moving over to here shortly is a benefit members have when they join an organisation. Clearly, there are implications if 'anyone' can take over a group, and in this case the groupĀ is owned by the organisation (which in turn is effectively owned by the members, so we go full circle in this specific case, but you can see where I'm going with this for normal businesses and so on).

If there's only one owner, regardless of whether it's free or paid, they're the owner of the group, ultimately it's their call what they do with it. If your community(ies) don't want that to happen, then you obviously don't trust the owner? What about normal websites and blogs - if they want to turn it off one day, you can't stop them...

If there are two or more owners on a group, it would be nice to have a two-step verification here, perhaps an email to the second owner that needs to be responded to within X amount of time, otherwise the action is carried out. If the two owners are in disagreement, then it's probably one for support to sort out (sorry Mark!)

Ultimately you need to weigh up how much you trust the group owners, it makes sense to have at least two for a whole raft of reasons - both mundane like normal admin, and more extreme like loss of life.

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