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           That's why there should exist clear policies about how group "ownership" is maintained.

           I do not find your position untenable in theory if each and every member who ever joins a group that you own is 100% aware that you could simply eliminate it at any time of your choosing for any reason of your choosing.   Virtually no one would consider this a possibility under the circumstances of a web forum and I can see no reason it should be for an e-mail group, either.

           I would never, ever consent to joining a group were it made crystal clear at the outset that its founder, and only its founder, is the determiner of whether it has a continued existence or not.

           I find your position as ludicrous as you find mine, so I will not attempt any persuasion.  You simply need to be aware that people such as myself exist and consider what you're saying ethically suspect because we do not believe a group founder is the actual "owner" of a group in any meaningful sense of the word "owner."  I far prefer the term "group administrator" be used because it carries the clear implication that a group is not owned by any one person, but it certainly may be administered by one.
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