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To add support for Brian’s argument: this is exactly the reason why I require unanimous consent from members before dissolving one of my groups (Win10 forum), with members providing justifications as to why the group should be closed. This procedure was set in place and written in the books from the day that group moved its operation to Groups.IO.

As for my overall opinion of the discussion taking place: I think it is the responsibility of members to inform both leaders (owners and moderators) and Mark and other staff regarding copyright violations, with decisions left up to owners. There are words and phrases in messages from people on various groups that’ll trigger owners to take action, especially if violation of terms of service is suspected. But I think a better approach is educating members about being vigilant and testing their conscience and ethical stances regarding things they post, especially if it could run into legal problems.




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On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 05:04 pm, J_Catlady wrote:

To that I would say, with all due respect, tough shit. If I want to delete my group at any time, for a good reason or for no reason, that is my absolute right and privilege, even if I want to do it "maliciously," as you put it.

And to that, I would say, you are gravely mistaken.   A group owner is nothing more than a group's originator and overseer until or unless they no longer want that role.  A group is, quite literally, owned by its members.

If a group owner wishes to withdraw entirely that's entirely their call.  But they cannot dissolve the group if someone else is willing to step in to the owner role.  Or I guess I should say that it should be an official rule of setting up a group that the owner cannot unilaterally decide to dissolve a group if anyone in the group is willing to assume the owner role.

You have no absolute rights that involve potentially hundreds of group members other than yourself just because you happen to be the founding member.

I personally despise the terminology used here of "group owner" because it creates just the attitudes that you're espousing and that I reject entirely.  Groups have a life of their own that is completely disconnected from the group's founder and I also don't believe that anyone, ever, gets to literally erase the historical record.  Once you've posted to a group, whether public or private, those posts are not your property to do with as you see fit.
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