moderated Text Size for "An RSVP is requested" #cal-notice #cal-reminder

Douglas M.

When the notice of an event is sent out either when first created or as a reminder all of the event info (except the description of the event which can be marked-up) appears as basic text.  There doesn't seem to be any way to adjust how that text is formatted.  It's a bit weird looking for some of the text (the description only) to be different. This is mainly a problem if I include a detailed event description on an event with an RSVP requested.  The formatted text of the description is followed by the line "An RSVP is requestedView Event." in plain text which is often smaller so it gets lost and missed. I'd like to be able to adjust the size and look of that magically-created line/message.  Perhaps being able to format all of the calendar notice or reminder would be useful so it could be doctored to look like a fun, formal, or otherwise eye-catching invitation to the event. Also, in a perfect world, the emailed notice or reminder would include buttons labeled Will Attend, Will Not Attend, and Not Sure so one click on the correct button would be all it takes to go to the page and record your RSVP.  Being able to change the choices to yes, no, I'll try, maybe, or other text would be a bonus.

I should note that for me one of the biggest selling points for vs other services is the integration of the calendar and an RSVP system.  It sets it apart from those other services out there and was enough for me to choose the paid version to have that capacity and keep paying beyond that first month (when everyone wants the ability to transfer members from Y! or other sources to to add them directly then go back to using it for free).

Thoughts?  Comments?

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