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On Thu, Aug 24, 2017 at 04:48 pm, Everett Kaser wrote:
Imagine that Bob or J_CatLady got dementia (heaven forefend, just an example) and, in a moment of irrationality, decided to delete the group.
To that I would say, with all due respect, tough shit. If I want to delete my group at any time, for a good reason or for no reason, that is my absolute right and privilege, even if I want to do it "maliciously," as you put it.

Of COURSE a group would be nothing without its members. That means that group owners must do a good job in making their members happy and satisfying their needs in whatever drove them to join the group, or they will leave. 

" those two questions could become required answers before group deletion occurs."

No, they should not. If I want to delete my group, it's absolutely nobody's business but my own. If some former group members want to get together and create their own group afterwards, they are certainly able and welcome to do that. But no group member has the right to force a group owner to continue a group.

I really hope you're kidding.

(BTW, block-quote bug: the block-quote button no longer works for a section of text if there is any text below it.)


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