moderated Re: Dealing with Terms of Service violations/other complaints


Bob and J_CatLady:

I don't mean to demean or diminish your ownership of your groups or the work that you do with them. Yes, there will always be exceptions to any generalization.

However, what I'm trying to get at is that, for most groups, the 'group' is useless without the group members. Therefore, the group members DO have some "ownership" in terms of what they contribute to the group. I'm NOT suggesting that "regular members" should normally be able to "take over ownership" of your group.

Imagine that Bob or J_CatLady got dementia (heaven forefend, just an example) and, in a moment of irrationality, decided to delete the group. Think of the impact that would have on the members of your groups. What I was suggesting was merely a way for Mark/ to recover from an owner accidentally or maliciously deleting 'their' group. Should that happen, I envision a method for the group members to petition for resuscitation under a new ownership. It would then (possible scenario) be up to to attempt to contact the prior owners for an explanation for 1) Why they deleted the group, and 2) Why group ownership should not be passed on to other responsible group members. In fact, those two questions could become required answers before group deletion occurs. If contact with the prior owner(s) is non-responsive or if the responses don't seem reasonable, then in the judgement of, the group could be resuscitated under new ownership.


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