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Donald Hellen


It still matters. Some of us choose to use the small screen Androids
(think Galaxy S3). I actually have a tag line at the end of my emails
sent from my phone about that. I don't usually make mistakes but have
made a few.

With aging eyes it is easy to miss something on a small screen. I'm
not interested in subsidizing a phone over several years so I buy mine
outright and use a prepaid carrier (Boost) and pay less than 1/3 of
what most pay every month for unlimited talk and text, and 2.5 gig of
data, which I never go over. I'll stay with the smaller screen.

It's not safe to assume everyone is using the same sized screen as you
are, just as I can't assume everyone is using a state of the art
Windows OS, Linux OS, or the latest MAC OS. There are plenty of people
out there still using Windows XP. Not a good idea, of course.


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I think it used to matter, when messages sent from a phone were composed on a tiny screen with poor resolution. It was a way of saying, "Excuse my mistakes, this is a quick reply on an ill-suited device." With the size and quality of the phone screens these days, I find it simply to be the person saying, "I am too lazy to take the time to compose a proper message so I am just going to blame it on my phone."
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