moderated Re: "Find or Create a Group" search bug, or I think it is #bug

Brian Vogel <britechguy@...>

Now I'll go "meta," but it is related.

It really doesn't matter whether one has to be a member of the parent group or not simply because were one to try to join a subgroup, and membership in the parent group is required, I'd presume the user would get an error message to that effect.

But, subgroups as they are implemented on are complete dead zones for a reason:  virtually no one knows they exist unless they happened to be members of the parent group when they were created and joined then.  Even then they tend to be dead zones because they are not presented hierarchically on the Topics or Messages pages of the parent group, encouraging click through to further explore or engage.

Until or unless adopts a display mechanism where those who routinely interact with a parent group are also routinely reminded that subgroups both exist and that they can get to them in a flash from where they're reading the main group they will continue to remain the dead ends that every one I've ever joined has essentially remained.
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