locked Re: Post preference, show message history, emoji


On 1/28/2015 12:10 PM, D R Stinson wrote:
I'd rather see a button, perhaps next to the format option, to add quoted text. Hopefully that would encourage posters to*not* add it unless they consciously need it.
Here on TBird (and I think someone else said their mail client did it
also), before hitting the reply button, I can highlight a section of
text - and reply will bring just that section text and the poster
(see above) into the reply (and I chose when I set up the client to
have the response below the quoted text).

How difficult would it be to implement something like that? I think
explaining to anyone who knows about copy/paste that they highlight
the text they're responding to and then click reply, if easy enough
to implement, would be easier than trying to get them to delete
portions of the text. Even people who have been around mailing lists
for a long time often leave a bunch of footers!


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