moderated Re: allow member messages with none active #suggestion


I don't think you should auto-change the auto-message in response to events (leave it to the group owners/moderators), but you could show a "reminder" message whenever something changes that is part of your default message. For example, if someone changes the name of the group, along with the confirmation that the group name has changed, a suggestion that the automatic messages be reviewed to see if they need to be changed, too.


On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 04:57 pm, Mark Fletcher wrote:
One wrinkle is that by having the default welcome message be auto generated
at the time it's sent, it's always up to date. That is, if I generate the
welcome message when a group is created, then if the person changes the
name of the group or creates subgroups, the message is out of date/wrong.
How should we handle that, if at all?

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