locked Reply to CGrigsby re Welcome

Cacky B

I have been trying to send the message below for two days. Verizon continues to refuse it. I have cleared the message to which it was a reply (the one sent by the AOL user) in the hope that reducing the number of links in the message will prevent it from being pegged as spam by verizon. If this goes through, then that tells me it's not the group domain or address, but the links contained within the message that trigger the refusal to send. If that's the case, then even replies that are sent will need to clear most of the message to which they are replying.

I'm on verizon.net, and have had a large number of group messages put into the spam folder by verizon. I have carefully checked it every day, marked them as "Not Spam", and also listed the domain as as safe in my own account settings. Yesterday, when I tried to respond to a message for the first time, verizon refused to send it, marking it as spam. I followed their instructions for that occurrence, sent the message to "spamdetector.update@verizon.net", explaining what the domain represented and the purpose of the beta group. Within about 40 minutes I was able to send the message without a problem.

Hopefully, verizon has white listed the domain.

Since writing the above, I have tried to send the message, had it refused, submitted it to the spam detector address for verizon, tried sending again the next morning, had it refused, submitted it again, tried sending again, had it refused again. Will keep trying, as I hope to get this white listed with verizon, rather than having to go through this hassle. Obviously this will create a problem for anyone owning a list on the site also.


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