moderated Re: Read & Unread messages contrast and saved marking



Sarah: Ok, but just commenting that this "read" function always
worked fine before. Does this mean that when the 'browser history" on
io becomes a little more established (our group was only transferred
3 days ago!), it'll all work fine again?
No. The history of what pages you've visited is kept by your browser.

The problem (now that I see it) on is that the URLs in the Message list subject lines are different from those on the message pages themselves. That's either a simple bug for Mark to fix, or a mess - depending on why that difference exists.

Lots of comments from members on this issue.
No doubt.

I don't use the web interface to read messages very often, so I hadn't noticed. But I know a lot of beta members do, so I'm surprised there's not more comment on this - but maybe it has been accepted as "broken" for a while now and I've forgotten about the prior discussion.

Your husband's best bet might be to use the View/Reply Online link
at the bottom of such messages - as that's the place where
has control over the rendering style of blockquotes.
Sarah: Ok, we'll try this.
For what it's worth,'s login feature "Email me a link to log in" is particularly handy when on a mobile device. No need to remember or carry with you (or try to type) a login password. Just ask for the email and moments later open it and click the link in it. Presto, your device is logged in for 30 days.

That's assuming, of course, that the email address you use for is one that you can receive on that mobile device.


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