moderated Re: Read & Unread messages contrast and saved marking

Sarah Procter Abbott


Thx for your prompt feedback. So glad to be part of io.

2. Also, after restart all messages are shown as unread. I suggest the "read" marking be retained (as on yahoo) so that it's easy to find one's place each time.
The read marking is a function of your browser history both here and on Yahoo Groups. Having keep track of read messages is on the To-Do list, but in the "Pie in the sky" category.
Sarah: Ok, but just commenting that this "read" function always worked fine before. Does this mean that when the 'browser history" on io becomes a little more established (our group was only transferred 3 days ago!), it'll all work fine again? Lots of comments from members on this issue.
3. Also, not sure if it's a bug or a device issue, but the 'reply in context' lines show up on our computers and iphone but not on my husband's samsung smart phone, so he cannot tell on that device what is the original message and what is the reply in context.
That may depend on what mail reader app he's using. Block quotes seem adequately visible on my Android using the Gmail app:
Sarah: Thx for that. See my other note to J. Will pass these comments on to the group.
Your husband's best bet might be to use the View/Reply Online link at the bottom of such messages - as that's the place where has control over the rendering style of blockquotes.
Sarah: Ok, we'll try this. 

Thanks again. Appreciated!


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