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Thank you Shal
Well what do I know, LOL
I do thank you for the clarification
I will take it up with the owner and hopefully if it is a bug Mark can help out
Thanks again

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Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 7:32 AM
Subject: Re: [beta] problem with members list


> I am moderator of a group.
> ...
> When I go to the the member’s list
> There is no check box to choose the member I want to remove ...

Sounds like you have not been given the necessary moderator permissions:

o Remove Members
o Ban Members
o Set Member Subscription Options (also allows access to the member list)

Particularly that last one. Check with your group owner (or whoever made you a moderator) about that.

By the way, that parenthetical note on the latter appears to be wrong:
without that permission I (as a moderator) have access to the list, but it shows no checkboxes, just as you describe.

That may be a bug, or a change in the interface that isn't reflected by that note, I don't recall which.

> and if I press enter on the status of the member it will take me to > the page of all my groups

Yup, did to me too. That certainly seems like a bug. Probably it would be better if it popped up a "You don't have permission" notice rather than behave mysteriously.


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