Re: saving history or members page for past members in premium groups


Hi J,

On Tue, Jul 4, 2017 at 11:12 AM, J_Catlady <j.olivia.catlady@...> wrote:
This morning I noticed that I can access a past member's member page through the group activity log if I *happen* to find a logged action involving them. So for example, this morning I was able to update a past member's "notes" page because there was a recent activity involving them.

However, the only way to find these pages appears to be through the group activity log (which is hard to search because searching on email addresses does not return correct results - it always returns the entire activity log). 

That's not quite correct. You currently cannot view a subscription from someone who is not currently subscribed to your group. What you're seeing is a person's current subscription (they left before, which is why there's a record in the activity log of them leaving, but they are currently subscribed to your group).

So here's my question again: for premium groups, are there plans to be able to access the member page of a past member through the "past member" page, instead of just searching through the group activity log? Currently the "past members" page just lists unclickable email addresses.

Yes, I definitely plan on adding something like this. What information would you like to view from someone who was subscribed, but is no longer a part of the group? Everything? Or just notes?

I have fixed the issue of some Reasons not being displayed in the Past Members page, and you can now sort by Reason as well.

You had asked in another email about inconsistencies involving banned members and the Past Members page. Here's how that all currently works:

- When you ban someone, if they are a current member, a status bit is set on their subscription record saying they're banned.
- If you ban someone that isn't currently a member, a new subscription record is created with the proper status bit set.
- If you then unban someone, that subscription record is simply deleted from the database. If you have a premium group, the subscription record is saved in the past members table, just like if someone had left your group normally.
So, in the Past Members page, you'll see some reasons as 'Unbanned'. 

Should these records be saved/displayed in the Past Members page? Got a better name for Unbanned? Suggestions appreciated.

Hope this helps.


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