moderated Re: Drop Box


On 12 Jul 2017 at 12:08, Jeff Kane wrote:

I think that would go to all owners and moderators of all the sub groups
also though.  Don't necessarily want that.
I haven't tested it with subgroups, but I believe that moderator email is
separate for each subgroup, i.e.

Also not very intuitive what the purpose of that email name is either. 
It might be a bit confusing for outsiders to accept as being the right
thing to do.
Probably true, although if you put it on the home page description it would
make more sense.

No, not the current concept of a drop box.  The really old one where it
is a mail box that you drop things into for others to read later.  You
drop things and then you can't get them back. 
Aha! A USPS Drop Box. Do they still have those? They must although I
can't recall seeing one right now. All I can remember are UPS or FedEx


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