moderated Re: Drop Box



Was kind of hoping to use a sub group as a place to let people direct
questions to the board of the club instead of using an email
redirection service.
I have a similar situation with my PTA group.

It sounds like we could both use an option, in subgroups, that allows non-moderated posting by parent group members.

For "outsiders" (not members of either the subgroup or the parent group) I think the restriction that their messages must be moderated is still a good idea.

It can be done as a sub group, but it requires every message to
be moderated first and that would get tedious to moderate and then
reply to the inquiry and then moderate any response and ... so on.
In practice this has not been a big issue. But the number of times a regular PTA member has emailed the board has been low, "your mileage may vary".


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