moderated Drop Box

Jeff Kane

I want to have a sub group that is like a Drop Box.  I want anyone, even the public, to be able to send messages to the sub group.  Only members of the sub group will be able to see the message archives and they will all get the messages as they come in.

I can not figure out how to NOT moderate every message that comes in from the public. 

I set this ...
Allow Non Subscribers to Post

Posts by non-subscribers will be moderated, instead of rejected.

I leave all of the moderation settings off.
Restricted Membership

Members require approval before being allowed to join the group.

Announcement Group

Only moderators are allowed to post.


All posts require approval before being sent to the group.

New Users Moderated

Posts from new subscribers require approval.

Yet, it still asks me to moderate every post sent to that sub group.

Can I have a have a group like a Drop Box?

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