moderated Private Parent and Public Sub Group shows Sub Group as Private even though it is Public

Jeff Kane

I created a private parent group.  I want only club members to be in the group and no messages to everyone unless a moderator.  Easy enough.

I created a sub group that members can opt into that will have public messages in it.  I set the sub group to public.  That works and I log out and can still see the messages in that sub group, but can not see them in the private parent group.

So here's the possible bug.  When I log back in and look at the sub groups tab under the parent, I see this "5 Members, 2 Topics, Private Archives, Last Post: 8:43 am".  That sub Group is set to "Listed in parent group, publically viewable archives" in the settings screen.  As I said above, I can log out and still see those messages.  So, the Sub Groups tab on the left shows the wrong details for the Sub Group when it is public under a parent that is private.  Not a big deal, just a little confusing.

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