moderated Re: Time zones


It would be logical to be able to choose this at the account level
like time zone. And support International/Scandinavian format as
well (Y/M/D).

I have in the past strongly advocated for the ISO 8601 date and time display standard. That is YYYY-MM-DDT23:59:59 . If the time is in UTC, a Z is added after the time without a space. This standard uses a 24 hour clock and uses zero-padded single digit increments. The great advantage to this is that the sort to chronological is a simple numerical sort. If there is a need for a less accurate date, the smaller increments to the right can be omitted.

In this case the time zone would be either local time or would be indicated by Z for UTC or the offset from UTC.

More information :

This has been discussed in the past and may be on Mark's to-do list in one form or another.


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