moderated Re: Time zones

Noel Leaver

I am aware of that setting and have advised those complaining about
Pacific Time to set it in their account. But it would be useful if there was
an option to set the default time zone of a group for those who never visit
the web interface.

Our group, while mainly UK based, has members spread around the world who
want to see their local time - they would not want their time setting
overridden and inconsistent between groups.

I suggest putting something in your group welcome message to encourage
people to set their time zone appropriately.

On a related matter, it would be useful for us to be able to define date
in the D/M/Y format - most dates come up as eg 2nd July but in a number of
places they appear as M/D/Y which is confusing for those outside the USA.

It would be logical to be able to choose this at the account level like time
zone. And support International/Scandinavian format as well (Y/M/D).


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