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On Wed, Jan 28, 2015 at 10:38 am, Duane txpigeon@... wrote:

Still a couple of glitches. Search doesn't seem to work in a folder, it apparently searches in the main level, though this might be by design. I got some strange results when I was in a Folder.

Search is currently designed just to search over all the files and directories. Can you give me some more information on what was strange about the results?

The fix for multiple pages works fine at the main level, but doesn't work in a folder. The multipage buttons are at the bottom of the folder, but clicking on any of them takes me to the main level. By altering the URL to include the folder name, it works.

Doh. Fixed.

Is there a way to show folders at the top? I think a lot of us are used to this layout and I'd prefer it for the default view.

Just made it the default now.

Last night I uploaded an 11 MB file. When it finished, it dumped me to a editfile# page (sorry, I didn't note the exact wording) with Hello on it. I said a few choice words, then realized it actually uploaded. This morning I uploaded the same file to another group and it went back to the Files page properly when finished.

Hmmm. Maybe you got caught as I was updating the site? Please let me know if you see the error again.

On the error message for duplicate uploading, it would be nice if it checked the name before uploading the file.

Not sure that's possible. But I will investigate.

Thanks, Mark

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