locked Re: Getting copies of the messages you send



It sounds like many people want to have the messages they send to
groups show up in their mailbox.
They already do for me. ;-)

And likewise I'm sure for anyone not using Gmail in the default way, or like-minded services.

I'm not currently using Gmail for any groups, but when I do I retrieve the messages through an email client, and with the "Recent:" modifier on my User Name (which, among other things, ensures that I get my own messages back).

Should I enable that for all groups and all users?
That would mean replacing the Message-ID on every message sent through Groups.io (as opposed to "only when edited")?

Can you see any downside with doing so?
Apart from those (and there no doubt are those) who are accustomed to and prefer not receiving their own back, replacing the Message-ID on all messages makes me nervous. But that may only be because I'm not accustomed to it - I don't immediately see a serious downside.

It does mean that a reply that I receive as both CC and via a group will have different IDs, which will mean that I won't find one or the other when tracking down the reference for a message when someone doesn't include any context quote. But I'll still find one of them so I don't see the problem.

-- Shal

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